M.U.L.E Returns!

Back from a 30 year hiatus, M.U.L.E. has returned.

For those who don`t know, MULE is a ridiculously fun and addictive strategy game that combines real-time and turn-based styles as you battle for land and resources on a newly colonized planet.

The game is easy to grasp but provides great depth of gameplay.

In the game, four players attempt to colonize a distant planet. They do this by using M.U.L.E.’s (Multiple Use Labour Element) to harvest food, collect energy, and mine minerals.

You have to do two things to win: make your colony successful, and amass the greatest wealth.

All for One, and One for all, and one for yourself!

Key Features

  • Fast paced and engaging game play for all ages
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Easy one-handed gameplay
  • HD graphics and smooth animation
  • Faithful reproduction of games rules (for those who remember them!)
  • Leaderboards and Challenges test your skills

Gameplay Video